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What is Eco Silk?
100% natural silk, our Eco Silk does not contain any rayon or polyester fillers. Our silks are processed using only SKAL approved eco safe products and processing. No toxic pesticides during storage. No toxic or dioxin bleaches. No azo or heavy metal dyes. No formaldehyde or silicon finishing.

What is organic cotton?
Conventional cotton makes up only 3 percent of the world's crops, but used 25% of the world's pesticides annually. Every pound of cotton grown (equal to one t-shirt) has been treated wit 1/3 pound of pesticide. Pesticide residues often can remain in the fabric through the processing and finishing stages of the garment, bringing traces of these toxic chemical into your home. Conventional cotton is exposed to potentially harmful chemicals during the processing stages. "Natural cotton" has no legal description and usually means conventional cotton. ADR used no toxic fertilizers, no petrochemical pesticides, no dioxin bleaches, no heavy metal or azo dyes and no formaldehyde or silicon sizing.