Antique Drapery Rod Company - Frequently Asked Questions

I have wide window (over eight feet) that I need a rod for. If I wanted to use the 1" or 2" solid rods would it be acceptable to put two 6' rods together with a bracket in the middle. Or, are the expandable rods my only option. Do you sell rods nine feet and longer?

If you have a window that is longer then eight feet, you can always buy two rods that equal the width and connect them with connector screws and a center support.

The longest lengths we produce are 8'6" or 8' depending on the type of rod being used. For a longer setup you'd require two or more rods equaling the length needed with use of a Connector Screw accessory.

Connector screws can be found in our Accessories Section. Note the screw is for connecting purposes only and not a weight bearing structure. As well we generally recommend a bracket placed at the point of connection for support.

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