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This video library is just one of the resources offered by ADR to help our customers better understand our company, run projects smoothly, and succeed in serving their clients.

Design Solutions for Every Space

Completing your vision is our mission at ADR so we offer an abundant selection of fine quality drapery hardware. Every rod is custom cut and fully customizable providing window treatment specialists the opportunity to select components, size and finish. All our products are handcrafted by artisans that are true masters in hand-forging, hand-casting, hand-painting, and hand-finishing techniques.

Designer Tip – Measuring Windows

Interior design pro Sarah Lindsey provides tips on the best way to measure windows to get correct measurements.

Designer Tip – Creating Balance in Spaces with Different Sized Windows

Interior design pro, Emily Hewitt, offers tips for using drapery hardware to balance a room with different sized window spaces. Emily suggests using hardware to extend the drapery panels to the ceiling and well past the window. She also likes adding unique tiebacks to make the window look bigger, introduce more light, and finish the look with an imaginative detail.

Designer Tip – Making the Most of a Sloped Ceiling

Interior design pro Sarah Lindsey offers a drapery hardware solution for dressing a window that incorporates a sloped ceiling. Sarah shows how using ceiling mount brackets with a minimal projection can elongate a window, open the space, and make the drapes flow perfectly. She also addresses the advantage of mounting the drapery hardware before measuring for the drapes to get a perfect fit for the space.

Designer Tip – Creating a Big Wow Factor

Interior design pro Sarah Lindsey shows how one long rod across a wall with two separate windows can make a dramatic statement creating a seamless look and adding texture and fullness. Sarah suggests this solution can be an especially good idea when windows or furniture placement is not centered in the space.

Designer Tip – Considerations in Choosing Drapery Hardware Components

Interior design pro, Emily Hewitt, offers insights into choosing drapery hardware components. She notes selections will be informed by existing elements in the space, installation height, weight of the drapery panels, and the mounting location of the drapery hardware.

Designer Tip – Adding Personality to a Room

Interior design pro Sarah Lindsey offers a few ideas on how fine quality drapery hardware can add personality to a room. She suggests mixing finishes; using different shapes of drapery rods, rings and finials; plus, incorporating unique drapery tiebacks in creating signature window treatments.

Designer Tip – Drapery Hardware as Jewelry

Interior design pro Sarah Lindsey suggests thinking of drapery hardware as jewelry. She provides examples of things to consider in making hardware selections and addresses how little details like incorporating a unique tieback can make a large statement.