ADR Drapery Rod Finials

Hundreds of Choices to Complete Your Vision

America’s top interior design professionals like choices in drapery hardware and we give them plenty. We offer components that can be skillfully mixed and matched to achieve the exact look an interior designer wants. Our fine quality drapery hardware products cover the full range of interior design styles from traditional to modern. They deliver the versatility required to satisfy the unique needs of any interior design assignment.

Abundant Selection Yields Endless Options

Completing your vision is our mission so we offer hundreds of drapery rod finials, and an abundant selection of complementary drapery rods, brackets, rings and accessories presenting endless options for envisioning signature creations that distinguish your window treatments.

A Small Detail Can Make an Enormous Contribution

Drapery rod finials bring individual style to a drapery rod and complement and enhance the look of the window they dress. Antique Drapery Rod finials can be especially attractive to interior designers with a keen eye for detail. They’re available in a wide range of shapes, materials and scales, and even though drapery rod finials are a small detail, they can make an enormous contribution to an overall interior design.


Turkish Monkey Finial

ADR leads the industry with its abundant variety of drapery rod finials. Our one-of-a-kind Turkish Monkey is a drapery rod finial inspired by the natural world. It was conceived as the perfect complement to an authentic natural Bamboo stem. Window treatment designers searching for something fresh, different and a little bold may enjoy exploring our specialty items. We offer some unique choices that can introduce extra personality and a sense of whimsy and fun into a room. On this creative path you’ll find everything from elephants, cougars, rams, bears and lions … to bees, rabbits, trout, dragonflies, finches and sea nymphs.

Turkish Monkey Finial, 2 in. Scale

Handcrafted by Artisans

Handcrafted by Artisans

Every ADR finial is handcrafted and customized according to the finish selected from our expansive color palette. Our talented artisans are masters in hand-forging, hand-casting, hand-painting, and hand-finishing techniques.

Over 30 Finish Choices

ADR offers an expansive selection of custom finish options. The Antique Drapery Rod Color Palette includes over 30 handcrafted choices, five powder coat finishes for our metal products, plus two specialty finishes (Bamboo and Polished Aluminum). ADR’s custom finishes are organized into three increasingly superior levels of exceptional uniqueness and quality: Classic, Premium, and Lux.



From its inception, ADR has kept an absolute commitment to eco-production. We use materials that promote sustainability, protect the health of the people that make and use our products, and contribute to the overall well-being of the planet like reforested American wood, bamboo, recycled metals and glass, plant-based biodegradable resins, and zero and low V.O.C. paints.