Scale is the relative size of one object to another. Drapery rods and related individual components (finials, brackets and rings) are identified by the scale of the particular component. This establishes how the various elements relate to one another in form, proportion, and function.

ADR drapery rods are produced in different diameters but are organized into three different scale sizes: 1 inch scale = 5/8 to 1 inch diameter rods, 2 inch scale = 1 ¾ inch diameter rods, and 3 inch scale = 3 inch diameter rods which is the largest diameter rod produced by ADR.

Complementary components (finials, brackets and rings) also are organized by scale so the various hardware elements work together harmoniously.

It is important to use drapery rod brackets that are the same scale size as the drapery rod. Depth of returns on brackets also is an important consideration especially with very high windows that require a deeper return if the drapery is to hang properly.

Window treatment specialists sometimes elect to go up in scale size with drapery rings to achieve a particular look in their window treatment design and/or to have the drapery move more effortlessly across a drapery rod.

The scale size selected by a designer for a particular window treatment can be determined by aesthetics, function, or both. Window treatments must be suitable to the room and it is critical for all elements of the window treatment to be in correct proportion to the size of the space that is being dressed by the drapery and drapery hardware.

The overall size of the room, the number, height and width of the windows, and the scope of the overall window treatment are key considerations in the ultimate selection of the appropriate drapery hardware.

Span (the distance between two adjacent drapery hardware brackets), and fabric weight, is critical in determining the diameter/scale of the drapery rod needed to properly support the drapery installation. Drapery rods increase in strength as they increase in diameter, i.e. longer spans and heavier fabrics require larger diameter drapery rods.

Medallions (aka Tiebacks/Holdbacks) are measured in accordance with their specific design/shape. Measurements for these accessories can be expressed in Diameter, Return, Width and Height, and sometimes Length. Use of a particular pair of Medallions will be determined by aesthetics, function, or both depending on the desired look and the style and weight of the drapery fabric. Proportion and placement are key considerations in selecting and installing Medallions.