7/8 in. Metal Rod

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  • Metal drapery rod.
  • Maximum length for one rod in a handcrafted finish is 240 in. / 20 ft.
  • Maximum length for one rod in a powder coat finish is 156 in. / 13 ft.
  • We recommend ring glide tape when using drapery rings or grommets to help protect the finish from friction.
  • Use Connector Screw Set ACBSCR to join rods.
  • Splice is not weight bearing and must be supported by a bracket. 
  • 1 in. Scale drapery rings will fit this rod; but, will not slide (use for stationary panels only).
  • 2 in. Metal drapery rings are recommended for functioning draperies, which are under the 1" scale 

Tips for saving on freight fees:

  • Buy smaller rods (under 104” in length) and join them onsite using a connector screw (sold separately) , especially when using center draw and/or stationary panels.  A support bracket will be needed where you join the rod. 
  • Have your order delivered to a commercial address.  Freight carriers charge additional fees for delivery to residential addresses.
    This rod is hollow and can easily be cut onsite. Be sure to order a extra plug . 
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