Responsible Eco-Production

ADR is Earth Friendly. We believe there is a growing need throughout the world for more sustainable products and eco-conscious production to help protect the environment. From its inception, the Antique Drapery Rod Company has kept a strong commitment to eco-production. We use materials and processes that promote sustainability and contribute to the overall well-being of the planet.

Our sourcing and operating practices include:

    • Reforested American wood
    • Recycled metals and glass
    • Plant-based biodegradable resins
    • Renewable resources such as bamboo
    • Packaging and other practices with the health of our people and planet in mind

We are guided by a philosophy of reducing, reusing and recycling. We are alert to opportunities to further minimize our carbon footprint and remain focused on making eco-friendly choices.

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Drapery Hardware Exclusively for Professionals

The Antique Drapery Rod Company offers the interior design trade an abundant selection of fine quality drapery hardware. You buy direct from the manufacturer and shop in a private online marketplace whenever and wherever you want. All our rods are custom cut and fully customizable so you choose components and size and select from over 30 finishes. ADR products are handcrafted in America.