Bamboo Collection

Make the Ultimate Eco-chic Statement in Modern Home Design

The ADR Bamboo Collection of fine quality drapery hardware has been recognized as one of the most complete and attractive offerings of eco-friendly one-and-two-inch scale window treatment options in the industry. We’re fully stocked and ready to deliver the components and choices professionals need.

Bamboo is Trending

Eco-friendly materials like Bamboo are topping the lists of interior design trends as more designers embrace sustainability and look to connect with the natural world. Organic elements are incredibly versatile. They bring an earthy, eclectic and homey nature to modern home décor and can work equally well in everything from traditional to bohemian aesthetics. Designers often mix Bamboo with wood, marble and brass, plus other unique handcrafted elements, to achieve calm and sophisticated environments that yield a tasteful and expensive look. Bamboo complements modern white and wooden details as well as vibrant colors that thrive against a neutral palette.

ADR is Earth Friendly

From its inception, the Antique Drapery Rod Company has kept an absolute commitment to eco-production. We use materials and processes that promote sustainability and contribute to the overall well-being of the planet. Our sourcing policies and practices include the use of reforested American wood, recycled metals and glass and plant-based biodegradable resins. We favor low V.O.C. paints.

Bamboo Always has been a Staple in our Sourcing Strategy

Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the planet. It is a lightweight yet exceptionally sturdy and durable natural grass that can grow up to 36 inches in just one day. Because Bamboo is hollow the ends of each pole must be filled in order to receive a finial. It needs to be stored and cut in a carefully controlled manufacturing environment or it will split. Each Bamboo pole is created individually by mother nature. No two poles are identical. The organic pits, discolorations, and curvatures are desirable natural enhancements. They give Bamboo its unique and authentic character.

Design Elements from
the Natural World

Completing your vision is our mission so we offer an attractive assortment of finials, brackets, rings and accessories inspired by the natural world. It’s a designer’s playground intended to inspire imagination with elements that can be mixed and matched with our Bamboo rods to achieve the signature look you want.

Complementary Bamboo Rod Finishes

Tortoise Shell is a unique specialty finish process available exclusively for ADR Bamboo rods. Five finishes in the ADR Color Palette that are highly-complementary for finials, brackets and rings used with Tortoise Shell rods are White Wash Gold, European Walnut Gold, French Oak, French Oak Gold Wash and Italian Walnut.

Your Vision. Our Mission.

Drapery Hardware Exclusively for Professionals

The Antique Drapery Rod Company offers the interior design trade an abundant selection of fine quality drapery hardware. You buy direct from the manufacturer and shop in a private online marketplace whenever and wherever you want. All our rods are custom cut and fully customizable so you choose components and size and select from over 30 finishes. ADR products are handcrafted in America.