1 in. Polished Aluminum Zip Rod

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SPECIFICATIONS: Maximum length for one Polished Aluminum Zip rod is 240 in. / 20 ft. For center draw Polished Aluminum drapery rods 104 in. to 204 in. use Zip Connector Plate ACMPLG to join drapery rods and avoid Motor Freight charges. Splice is not weight bearing and must be supported by a bracket. Both items sold separately. 4 eyelets per foot included. Polished Aluminum finish limited to specific drapery hardware products in this Collection. Notes: Take care with the installation of this drapery hardware. Our Polished Aluminum is not coated with paint or lacquers. Use soft metal polish and a soft dry cloth to remove fingerprints and buff out light scratches. Abrasive cleaners can scratch the Polished Aluminum finish and/or remove the shine. Tips for saving on freight fees: Buy smaller rods (under 104” in length) and join them onsite using a connector plate (sold separately) , especially when using center draw and/or stationary panels.  A support bracket will be needed where you join the rod.  Have your order delivered to a commercial address.  Freight carriers charge additional fees for delivery to residential addresses.  

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